My code quality sucks. Big time. Not on purpose, but sometimes I just forget the basics and lines that have been thrown down in a couple of seconds nest themselvs into my daily life. Like I never will get rid of them. And that’s the point where the code quality backfires. For Ruby, Perl, etc. I found Linter for Ruby, perl, puppet, chef… you name it. Except for bash.

Shellcheck closes that gap. Integrated into VIM, even the shortest scripts tend to end up better than before and I catch myself already ahead of writing to adopt to methods, so shellcheck will not have a chance to complain.

It is certainly not perfect, but

  1. it improved my code quality.
  2. catches error I would have never stumbled upon
  3. The explanation for changes teaches even me new things.

Shellcheck should be already part of your distro and can probably be installed using your package manager.