RSS still is not dead. And when it comes to the most effective way to waste time by checking news sites to avoid working (aka. checking security websites and reading changelogs), newsbeuter seems to be unmatched on the console.

Besides the standard functionality of browsing and reading, anything you can think of can be achieved by adding custom scripts.

When Twitter was still accessible via RSS, I used to parse some tweets into a blog-system, right out of the the newsreader by the press of a button.

The documentation is complete and well explained. The keys might need some time to get used to, but can (of course be changed).

All urls are in a central place stored (for example ~/.newsbeuter/urls) and the data itself in an sqlite database. Sync that to other machines and you have your latest state of news always available.

Additionally synchronization with other newsreader (The Old Reader or *NewsBlur) is also in place.

If you are using RSS and have not stumbled over Newsbeuter yet, go and check it out.