Backup. A menace and the rescue at the same time.

If you are a bit old school and not yet comfortable with buying a storage subscription for some cloud-provider, you might put your backup still on a local disk like in the 80’s. That’s fine.

For just one storage source, it might be a bit of an overkill to setup a whole backup system like Bacula.

Still the old rsync does not quite cut it, right?

The next level to step up the game could be duplicity (which also offers backup to S3 and Google Cloud Storage, or webdav, or rackspace, or dropbox, or….).

This little tool runs a backup like rsync, but adds incremental backups on top of it and provides an optional encryption layer as well. What would be unencryptet backups, right?

So running a quick

duplicity --full-if-order-than 1M ${HOME} /backup_dir

will take a full backup on the first run and incremental backups on the next runs. Nicely compressend. This is still unencrypted though. Have a look into –ecrypt-key key-id to assign a GPG key to use for encryption.

For those who only want to use rysnc, but struggle with bash: I still got the old 2014-rsync to truecrypt script lying aroung that worked very nicely. Just let me know.